Heater And Hotplate Thermostatic Digital Magnetic Stirrer YR02938

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

YR Series are new  Digital Hotplates laboratory magnetic stirrer mixer with Heater made of Ceramic top plate , PID Temperature control and digital display which offers excellent chemical resistance .

Product Features

White cermic coated top plate provide excellent chemical resistance, thermal-proof , and corrossion resistance, bright white color ceramics coated plate enhance sample visibility.

  • Fixed safety circuit of400 °C
  • Smooth acceleration of stirring speed ensures no spillage.
  • Digital display for temperature reduce, add and set
  • Heat only, stir only or heat and stir together function
  • Electronic speed control for constant speed even during change in load
  • High magnetic adhesion
  • Various Sizes of the top flexible choice. four sizes , black and white ceramic are all available


Model YR02938
Top Plate Dimension (mm) 180 x 180
Top Plate Dimension(Inch) 7.09×7.09
Temperature Control PID Auto control .
Top Plate Shape Round or Square
Top Plate Material Ceramic
Temperature Range for machine Ambient to 400 degree.
Max Temperature for top plate 325 degree
Top Material White ceramics and Black Ceramic are Both available .
Temperature Display (°C ) Digital Display
Temperature control PID Auto control
Temperature accuracy
Thermocouple probe /sensor type PT100 , with inner and outer thermocouple .
Stir Speed 100- 1800 RPM
Stir Display Digital display
Stir speed accuracy
Permissible Ambient Temperature Ambient Temperature to 40°C
Voltage 160 – 240V , or 110- 130V.
Heating Power supply (w) 550
Motor Power supply 40 W.DC 20
Machine power supply 600
Stirring Flask Capacity (ml) 50ML-5L
Overall Dimensions (mm)
( L × W × H )
391 x 245 x 120
Packing Dimension (mm) 440 x 290 x 170
Shipping Weight (kg) 5.1
Shell material Time molding waterproof and dustproof shell with Anti-static paint

Additional Information

Weight 5,8 kg

    Company headquarters

    2 rue Jean Lantier, 75001, Paris – France.
    (+33) 1 78 95 87 89(+33) 7 60 83 92 83



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