Climbing Wheelchair YR05447

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

Universal controller

Multifunctional height adjustable folding wheelchair for stair climbing
Textile breathable sponge cushion, pillow adjustable Flat ground and stair climbing dual use

Technical Soecifications
Model YR05447
Driving Range 1 SKM
Max Speed  10KM/h
Motor 24V OC 370W
Battery 24V 12Ah(lithium battery)
Parking Brake manual brake and
electromagnetic brake
Cushion: Black
Minimum Depth of Stairs 1.1 m
Climbed Number 500
Stair width 0.7m
Stair slope   <45°
Gross Weight 60
Net Weight 69
Load 150
Overall Length 58 cm
Overall Width 100 cm
Overall Height 44 cm
Seat Width 44 cm
Front Wheel 8 inches
Rear Wheel 12 inches
Backset Height 44 cm
Folding Size  93 x 68 x 58 cm

Additional Information

Weight 84 kg

    Company headquarters

    2 rue Jean Lantier, 75001, Paris – France.
    (+33) 1 78 95 87 89(+33) 7 60 83 92 83


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