Anesthesia Machines YR02197 // YR02062 // YR02063

Manufacturer: Kalstein


Built-in Ventilator

2 Vaporizor in standard

Can be used for Adult and Child

Comprehensive monitoring capabilities include ventilation parameters monitoring preset parameters alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring

Technical Specifications
Model YR02197 YR02062 YR02063
Display screen LCD 5.4″ LCD 10.4″ LCD 10.1″
Flowmeters Tube 4-Tube O2, N2O 6-Tube O2, N2O, AIR 4-Tube O2, N2O
Vaporizer 1 Enflurane/ Isoflurane/ Sevoflurane (Optional: Halothane) 2 Enflurane/ Isoflurane/ Sevoflurane (Optional: Halothane) 1 Enflurane/ Isoflurane/ Sevoflurane (Optional: Halothane)
Respiration A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, MANUAL IPPV, SIGH (Deep Breaths / Per Time After Breathing 60 Times), SIMV/F/2, PEEP (+0.5 KPa — +2 KPa), SIPPV VCV / SIMV / Manual / STAND-BY
Tidal Volume Range 50~1500ml 30~1500ml 20~1500ml
I/E Ratio 4:1~1:10 3: 1~1:4 Adjustable 8:1~1:10

Additional information

Weight N/A

YR02062, YR02063, YR02197

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