What problems can arise with the sealing machines in the laboratory?

Sealing machines are one of the basic tools in modern laboratories for their ability to ensure safe and trouble-free storage of chemical and biological products. These equipment are generally reliable, however, any mechanical element can experience some problems throughout its useful life.

The following are some of the common problems that can arise with a sealing machine: Sensor failures: sealing machines need sensors to monitor and control pressure and temperature during the sealing process. If the sensors fail, the sealing of the machine can be compromised.

This is because the seals will not be sealed evenly at the same temperature and pressure; in addition, a sealing at the wrong temperature and pressure can significantly reduce the shelf life of the sealed product.

Other problems that may arise include the following:

Misalignment: Seals can be misaligned inside the sealing machine, which can result in a sealing that is not properly sealed; this can be even more problematic if the seal is made of soft plastic, which is more prone to misalignment.

Thus, as the machine ages, moving parts can wear out, increasing misalignment in seals. Too much heat: Sealing machines use heat to seal products, so they require precise temperature control. If too much heat is generated, stored chemicals or biological products may deteriorate or expire before they expire.

Consequences produced by the mishandling of sealing machines:

So, excess heat can significantly reduce the life of the sealing machine. On the other hand, Failure Indicators: if the sealing machine has a failure indicator, this means that operators receive a warning when a failure is detected in the machine; however, often operators omit these indicators or simply do not recognize them as a warning signal.

This can result in chronic problems, as bigger problems can occur if a machine that is not working properly tries to keep sealing chemicals or biological products. In general, a quality sealing machine should have a service life of at least 10 years.

Proper maintenance and care for them should be a priority to ensure that the sealing machine continues to operate smoothly during its useful life, this will avoid any additional problems or possible damage to the stored products.

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