What is a neonatal resuscitation table?

This equipment is essential when in special cases or situations the newborn is not full term, approaching 80% of premature babies, presenting some conditions such as asphyxiation, which if present for a long period can cause the death of the baby, among other factors of prenatal or intrapartum risk, so, in any health center, must possess a table of neonatal resuscitation.

This neonatal resuscitation table, contains all the necessary requirements to receive premature babies, usually have a design that provides an enriching and vital environment, in the case of KALSTEIN being we manufacturers have a resuscitation table equipped with phototherapy units at the top and under the bed, the baby can receive better treatment, in addition to the low pressure suction and resuscitation units.

Neonatal Resuscitation Table

This equipment has a heating system designed to adapt neonates through activities aimed at restoring their vital functions, are dedicated to intensive care areas, perinatal hospitals and intensive therapy units. Among the functions of this resuscitation table is to provide automatic control of warming babies by infrared radiation and emergency oxygen therapy. 

In addition, there are resuscitation equipment that offer the possibility to expand its functions allowing to install additional devices such as X-ray blood transfusions dosed administration of medications cardiac massage bed height selection visual and acoustic alarms to ensure safety, in the case of the heating environment offers an automatically controlled system and oxygen therapy for newborns with risk factors.

Description of a KALSTEIN neonatal resuscitation table

Normally these tables of neonatal resuscitation are equipment with specific characteristics of the radiant heater child model YR kalstein, since it offers complete system of care for babies who are in emergency, this equipment is easy to use, has system of optimal thermoregulation, function of jaundice therapy in open care system. 

A warming and care system that has a patient monitor is the equipment required in all hospitals and clinics, in the area of premature deliveries or babies suffering from prenatal or intrapartum risk factors, in addition it has the option to include low pressure suction and resuscitation units, turning this equipment into a rapid response apparatus to the high risk patient, covering the needs of resuscitation therapy.

Features offered by a Kalstein neonatal resuscitation table

  • Preheating, manual control and baby skin temperature mode.
  • Preheating, manual control and baby skin temperature mode.
  • Servo-controlled microprocessor-based temperature system with far infrared heater
  • Temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-check function for affirmative safety.
  • Lower phototherapy units
  • The tilt of the moses can be adjusted.
  • Heater head can be adjusted horizontally between 0-90 °
  • Folding transparent protector
  • Fall protection function of the skin temperature sensor to prevent overheating
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple faults with 3 priorities
  • Comfortable tray for X-ray cassettes under the children’s bed
  • The large crib is suitable for operation.
  • 40% constant power heating function
  • The double-sided phototherapy unit provides treatment for jaundice.
  • Vertical height can be adjusted.
  • Oxygen therapy unit, resuscitation balloon, fixed infant head shelf, oxygen hood, low pressure suction system.
  • OFF timer
  • Cylindrical chassis
  • RS-232 connector

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