What are the equipment used in a pathology labtech?

In a technical laboratory of pathological anatomy different services are performed that perform activities, this service has two major divisions: the area of histopathology that carries out studies of tissue samples of patients, in addition to processing and analysis of biopsies for the diagnosis of diseases or contribute to explain the symptoms of the disease; and the cytopathology area, which is in charge of the study of cytological samples, the best known is the cervical-vaginal cytology; it also includes the analysis of aspiration biopsies and any body fluid such as: pleural, peritoneal, urine, CSF, expectoration, among other samples.

It is important and indispensable that pathological anatomy laboratories have the necessary equipment for the correct, complete and effective functioning of their functions, in this respect we KALSTEIN as manufacturer of equipment for laboratory and medical equipment, we have a YR series of equipment that provide your labtech the best scientific applications making it the best in the field of research and diagnosis.

Equipment used in a pathology labtech.ย 

Definitely in any laboratory general equipment is required for sampling, observing the sample, storing and protecting it; however, the essential for pathology services we offer you in KALSTEIN, which are part of our product stand, here we tell you what they are and some characteristics of them:ย 

  • Fabric Water Bath: This type of equipment is a container that is capable of holding hot water to incubate samples in water at constant temperature for a prolonged period. Water baths generally have an interface that allows the user to set the right temperature to achieve the desired results. This model is no exception. Among its uses, it can find reagent heating, substrate fusion or cell culture incubation.
  • Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer: sterilizes microorganisms using infrared heat produced by a ceramic core element. The ceramic element contains no asbestos and guarantees maximum sterility without splashes on the work surface. Complete sterilization occurs within 5-7 seconds at the optimal sterilization temperature of 1500ยบF (815.6ยบC).
  • Glass pearl sterilizers: they are a quick, easy and precise alternative to traditional sterilization methods. Once switched on, the units are ready to use in 25 minutes and ensure full sterilization by destroying all microorganisms in 10 seconds.
  • Tissue Flotation: we present two models; YR452 high quality fabric flotation station with keyboard control, automatic microcomputer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display; Slide dryer YR451: High quality water bath with keyboard control, automatic microcomputer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display.
  • Cooling Plate: which is a cryoplate adopted with a new type inverter compressor, which causes the paraffin blocks of the fabric to cool down quickly. This model has a Teflon coating, which ensures easy cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about it. We mentioned earlier that it is safer if you can freely adjust the temperature of your cooling plate, and this model gives you that option. The cooling plate we offer you has this option available to prevent wax in the fabric from getting cold or breaking cold.
  • Fabric Processor: it is mainly used in laboratories means to process samples to improve quality sections. The maximum number of specimens processed by these laboratories is 130 at a time. It is popular in the market due to its space saving and simple operation.
  • Paraffin Trimmer/Dispenser: The paraffin cutter removes excess paraffin from the inlay cassettes safely and easily by sliding it across the heated surface. Paraffin wax dispenser, paraffin wax is necessary to carry out the sectioning process so that the laboratory operator can see the samples through a microscope.ย 
  • Slide Dryer: This model offers excellent advantages, such as improving your workflow by providing high-quality performance in your lab workspace. We know that, in every histology lab, the sectioning process is very important.
  • Series Of Microtomes: is designed to meet the multiple requirements of histology or histopathology laboratories.
  • Tissue Inclusion System: it is a complete paraffin dispensing unit, including a 4-liter paraffin container, heated work area and cooling site.
  • Automatic Object Holder Staining: Flexible low noise and wear resistant transmission system using high quality imported materials and elements to ensure stable operation and reliable performance.

Importance of a pathological anatomy labtech.

We must understand the importance of these laboratories, so it is essential to purchase the equipment mentioned above. Their main function is to process the different surgical specimens such as liquids, biopsies, surgical pieces, autopsy material, intraoperative biopsies, which are required by hospitals and clinics.

In addition to this, cytological studies are carried out in a short-term and efficient manner, avoiding unnecessary treatments or erroneous diagnoses, committed to the supervision and reclassification of anatomopathological studies and adequate quality control, monitoring of cytologies with pathological antecedents and correlation with the corresponding histologies.

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