Use of lyophilizers to conserve coffee

The lyophilizer is a device by which the process of lyophilization is carried out, which is nothing more than the drying of various materials. This equipment allows, through cold drying, the ability to remove moisture from a product or food to obtain it dehydrated, allowing them to continue conserving their properties and nutritional values, in addition to decreasing their volume.

The freeze-drier consists of three parts, a dry chamber, a condenser and a vacuum system. To freeze-dry a product, it must be previously frozen, then inserted into the freeze-drier, with a temperature of less than -40°C, where a vacuum pump will reduce the pressure to the sample. Once the temperature has been reduced, the water will freeze and the pressure will drop, going from solid state to steam, by sublimation.

Freeze-drying is a process that helps to obtain instant coffee, turning it into soluble granules that when they come in contact with water acquire again its properties. This process, allows its organoleptic characteristics to be preserved, and also it is healthier by the fact that it does not contain additives or preservatives. It is also possible to keep it longer than regular coffee.

Freeze-dried coffee

Freeze-dried coffee is a derivative of coffee, with the difference that it undergoes a freezing process, making it more natural and allowing to obtain an instant coffee of better aroma and flavor. The soluble coffee that we know is usually totally different from the freeze-dried coffee, both go through different processes for their final finish.

In solubilization, the powder is separated from the coffee to dissect and pulverize it, making this a rough process that cancels out its taste and aroma. On the other hand, freeze-drying is the ultra-freezing of coffee, to take it to a chamber that dehydrates it by sublimation, thus allowing its natural properties to be maintained.

Coffee freeze-drying process

This type of coffee comes in granulated form, as a result of its preparation, which involves freezing at very low temperatures. Freeze-dried coffee, in addition to having a better smell and taste, has many health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels, protecting the cardiovascular system and improving physical endurance. For the freeze-drying of coffee, the coffee is subjected to the following steps:

  • First the liquid extract of the coffee is frozen, then chopped and introduced to the freeze-drier, where there is a vacuum chamber, which will subject the coffee to low pressures.
  • Immediately after applying little heat, you will go from a direct transition from ice to steam, that is, sublimate the water.
  • Finally, the freeze-dried coffee granules are ready to be packed.

Freeze drinkers

The freeze-drier is a equipment used in the field of pharmacy, however, over time, it became a fundamental instrument in the area of food. Thanks to its sophisticated operation, this equipment makes the products to be kept longer, by the fact that they do not have moisture or water that can give way to the development of pathogens.

The freeze-drier allows, by a softer method, the freezing drying of organic and inorganic products and compounds, without the need to affect their qualitative and quantitative composition. The process of freeze-drying has a wide variety of applications, such as the preservation of food, including fruits, meats, dairy, tea, coffee, among others; the preservation of non-living materials, including pharmaceuticals, blood plasma and serum, among others; the preservation of living cells, including bacteria and yeast; and the original preservation of archeological objects, books, flowers and animal preparations.

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