Standing Wheelchair Functions

For a person who moves in a wheelchair, there are many difficulties that can be faced day to day, one of these is to be able to reach objects that are located at a higher height, be they dishes in the kitchen, books in an office or simply products from the supermarket, among others. In cases like this, they need to be able to hold on to something to stand up and they need enough muscle strength to support their body weight, or in other cases, they need the help of a third party, which detracts from their independence. Likewise, always sitting has its disadvantages and can affect the mental health of users in wheelchairs, since in social meetings people talk standing or dance, which can cause them to feel excluded.

As trivial as this may sound, the opportunity for disabled people to stand up in situations as they wish can change their lives and mood. This lifts their self-esteem, gives them greater independence and greater autonomy to carry out activities in their daily lives, and they can relate standing with other people, just like the rest of the world.

Wheelchair standing

In the United States, a group of specialists created a wheelchair that allows people to stand, but other medical equipment with similar characteristics exists. The advantage of standing wheelchairs over others is that they can move and maintain autonomy while standing, that is, they function as well as when sitting.

With the other existing models, the main drawback is that the user cannot access the wheels, therefore cannot be mobilized. The chairs have special modifications that in addition to allowing the user to stand, gives the option to move, this is because its design allows access to the wheels and controls. So, when choosing a wheelchair that has the option to lift the user, you should check its design to see if it allows movement.

On the other hand, it should also be taken into account that standing wheelchairs should only be used in spaces adapted for this purpose, i.e. in known spaces or indoors, since generally public sites do not have smooth surfaces, this would affect the safety of the user. Although they have all these adaptations and are safe equipment, you still have to use them in the right way.

Functions of standing wheelchair

The main function of standing wheelchairs is to give the user the ability to stand up and also have movement while in this position. These chairs have a unique manual control mechanism to the ones found, so users can have control of the wheels by themselves. In addition, it has a belt for the trunk and knee retaining blocks, all this to keep the person who is using the wheelchair safe and to avoid any fall.

The advantages of this wheelchair are not only to increase self-esteem and independence, from the point of view of health are also highly recommended, since the user can work muscles that sit not exercise, also helps to improve kidney, digestive, cardiovascular function, prevent eschars by constant rubbing with the chair and prevent osteoporosis, among others. Last but not least, the function of this chair also extends the job offer of users.

Kalstein brand standing wheelchair

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