Shaking incubators What is their function?

A shaking incubator is laboratory equipment that allows samples to be incubated and shaken simultaneously, for which it has a specialized design that allows it to carry out these functions. They are ideal instruments for different applications such as aeration and cell cultures, microbiological culture development, solubility experiments, hybridization, fermentation, biochemical and enzymatic studies.

This equipment provides a constant temperature, and a constant orbital agitation. In other words, a shaking incubator is a laboratory instrument with temperature control, which in addition to being used to incubate samples, is also capable of shaking them during the incubation process. This incubator can be set at different speeds to promote or stimulate cell growth, because agitation is used in the laboratory to improve cell growth, because it helps in a better distribution of nutrients and supplies more oxygen to the cultures .

Like any laboratory incubator, the shaking incubator has an electrical resistance system controlled by thermostats or microprocessor controls, and has two basic operating modes: natural convection, where the air flow is generated by a temperature difference, or forced convection, in which external equipment such as a cooling fan or pump is used to create a current of air.

Benefits offered by a shaking incubator

  • They are compact size equipment.
  • Combines incubation and shaking simultaneously.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Simplifies applications.
  • Improves operational management.
  • Offer speed control.
  • They allow a uniform distribution of nutrients in crops.

Shaking incubator care

These equipments are quite faithful instruments and, in general, can have a long useful life, for which it is good to take into account the following recommendations:

  • Do not use them near sources of water, bright light or with toxic gases.
  • Avoid spilling corrosive substances that cause damage inside the equipment.
  • They must be installed away from central heating systems.
  • They must be used in clean areas with low temperatures and good air circulation.

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