Water bath YR450

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Certificacion europea


Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea

Product Description

In a histology lab. The sectioning process is one of the most important, because this procedure has to be very precise and the blocks you are cutting must not be cracked in any way. When you start the sectioning process, the first thing you do is cool the paraffin blocks to make the correct cut. Then you place those blocks in the water bath and put it at the desired temperature, being a fundamental step in the entire procedure.

Water baths

They are a very common element in any type of microbiological laboratory. This type of equipment is a container that is capable of holding hot water to incubate samples in water at constant temperature for a prolonged period. Water baths generally have an interface that allows the user to set the proper temperature to achieve the desired results. This model is no exception. Among its uses, you can find reagent heating, substrate fusion or cell culture incubation.

There are some recommendations when it comes to the use of water baths. First, experts do not recommend using the water bath with pyrophoric or moisture-sensitive reactions. Second, you need to constantly monitor the water level and only use distilled water; the reason is that you do not want salts to deposit on the heater. Also, if your application involves fume-emitting liquids, we recommend that you operate the water bath in a range hood or well-ventilated area. Also, you can raise the temperature to 90 ° C or higher once a week for half an hour to decontaminate the device. Lastly, we also recommend placing the water bath on a stable surface away from flammable materials.

Model YR450
Dimensions of bath bowl 260×220×65mm(W×D×H)
Temperature Range 0 – 99℃
Working Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz (standard model), AC110V±10% 60Hz
Power 400W
Dimensions 425×350×130mm (W×D×H)
Net weight 8kg

Additional Information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 53 × 47 × 23,5 m

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