Importance of Wheelchairs for Children

Wheelchairs are an individual alternative that benefit the movement of people who have permanently, totally or partially lost the ability to walk, and thanks to the use of wheelchairs, allow people with disabilities to work and integrate into society. Similarly, a wheelchair helps a child go to school, get an education, and when the time comes, find work.

With the use of wheelchairs, it makes people with disabilities mobile, healthy and participate normally in any activity. Therefore, choosing a wheelchair for a child is important and in turn a concern for the adult, because children are in the process of growing and developing their psychomotor capacities; therefore, the chair should give them the possibility to know and experiment with their environment, facilitating the movement as effectively and independently as possible, since this will depend on their learning.

Integrating the Wheelchair into a Child’s Life

There is a fairly common belief that if a child uses a wheelchair, especially if the wheelchair has an engine, the child will not want to make the slightest effort to give mobility to the rest of the body, because the comfort of moving in a chair will not make him or her struggle. But almost all children, whether disabled or not, want to walk as long as possible, because they like to explore their environment, even if it’s with help, it gives them more possibilities for exploration.

Some children will not be able to walk, and doing their daily activities will be a limitation, so by using a wheelchair will help them feel useful, which is why parents have the responsibility to provide them with a wheelchair and a proper sitting system so that they can develop their independence and maximize their abilities.

Thus, help with using the appropriate wheelchair at the right time can extend independence, help the rehabilitation process, and delay the onset of postural deformities. There are many models of children’s chairs; a correct choice will facilitate the movement and comfort of the parents and the child.

Child Wheelchair Maintenance

The maintenance of a child wheelchair is conditioned to the model of the chair and the use made of it, so it should be taken into account that there are parts that wear more and that some are essential for its proper functioning and safety. Therefore, a monthly check of the pressure and condition of covers, wheels, brakes, backrest and moving parts should be performed. In addition, as a quarterly review, it is advisable to take a look at release shafts, anti-roll system (if you wear them), footrests, upholstery and cleaning of the structure of the chair.

In addition, proper maintenance of a wheelchair also requires annual review by an authorized supplier who knows the product and how to repair it. Thus, with the respective manual of maintenance and use of the child wheelchair, you will find concrete notions to check each of these elements and verify their correct functioning, such as:

  • Check the covers (pressure and general condition) monthly.
  • Check the movement and adjustment of the brakes with special attention to their adjustment.
  • Check that all screws are securely fastened. All gaskets that are important for user safety are self-locking with special nuts.
  • Use mild detergents to clean the cushion and backrest with soap and water only and lubricate the chair structure.

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