Importance of Moisture Analysers in the Tobacco Industry

Humidity analyzers are laboratory equipment designed for multiple applications, with an excellent configuration for integration into existing industrial sectors and systems. It has an infrared drying mechanism, able to remove all water from the samples in a short time. It also has temperature levels for each test, improving stability in harsh environments. And most importantly, thanks to its design, samples can be determined in real time by experts.

According to this, for the tobacco industry, the moisture analyser is a totally reliable equipment to meet all stages of tobacco processes, and optimize consistent products. With proven performance in real environments for such processing, the Kalstein brand moisture analyser is designed to meet all drying mechanisms, in addition, the equipment is easy to install and does not require much maintenance for years. It provides desired results because it is reliable and consistent, regardless of the material to be studied

Use of the Tobacco Analysis Tool

For the tobacco industry, moisture is a very important factor, since in its handling from planting to manufacturing processes, the decisive control of the product lies in its preparation. Therefore, the determining method is by means of the humidity analyser by infrared drying to take into account the weight difference until it becomes constant, its placement within the equipment for several minutes, initiates the dehydration of the tobacco leaf until obtaining the perfect thermal balance. Likewise, the precision and speed with which the moisture analyser is characterized, allows weighing and drying the sample together and digitally, and this similarity transforms the relative humidity of the air in direct contact with tobacco, managing to determine the water contents as a non-demolishing method.

Therefore, the moisture analyser, offers:

  • Accuracy.
  • Temperature changes to affect product moisture.
  • Infrared heat.
  • Continuous measurement.
  • Easy calibration, handling and standardization.
  • Simple.
  • Accessible.

In addition, due to its elegant and simple characteristics, it offers years of performance for drying and weighing simultaneously, making measurements for the basic parameters in the tobacco industry, calculating moisture, nicotine, sugar and temperature.

General Importance

In tobacco companies, they are responsible for maintaining a high degree of quality in their products and being supplied with efficient equipment transforming changes in their production lines, that is why through the use of moisture analyzers has understood much in manufacturing, through drying mechanisms that offer an efficient measure of long-term work. In this way, the moisture analyser as laboratory equipment is recognized worldwide as the ideal tool for this purpose.

In this case, and under optimal conditions are taken as carriers in determining and analyzing the amounts of water in their raw material, managing to provide precise and constant measures that do not affect the overall presentation of tobacco. This is why the production takes as useful measures the moisture analyzers to:

  • Measure the amount of moisture.
  • Calculate the amount of nicotine.
  • Total sugar register.
  • Temperature.
  • Volatile product contents.
  • Menthol.
  • Among others.

During these processes in the studies of tobacco leaves using moisture analyzers, it will allow departments or laboratories to achieve the proper processing, can be supplied with constant contents for achieving a quality product in the tobacco industry.

Finally, the moisture analyzers during their analysis, allow to have a better control desired in the market, in a stable and long-term way.

Kalstein brand Moisture Analyzers

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