How to keep your laboratory equipment in optimal condition?

Laboratory equipment is indispensable in the work of experimentation and research in various areas of knowledge such as medicine, biology, physics and chemistry. However, they require specific care and maintenance, since the quality of the research depends on it.

Certainly, the condition and quality of laboratory equipment have a substantial impact on the yields and the results generated during the experiments, with this it can be understood that scientific results can be seriously compromised if there is a lack of optimal maintenance. In order to help researchers, we will present five tips to ensure the maintenance of laboratory equipment, which should be taken into account.

Proceed on time to repair

Naturally, in some cases, the laboratory equipment must be completely replaced, especially when it suffers from breakage or breaks completely. However, in other cases, it is enough to perform some simple repairs.

We suggest you make small repairs, such as the installation of spare parts, when these are necessary, as this can extend the functional life of larger pieces of laboratory equipment significantly. On the other hand, when it comes to larger pieces of equipment, some parts will accumulate wear faster than others. Pay close attention to which parts of your equipment show signs of wear and start a preventive maintenance program.

Perform whenever you can a restoration

The restoration refers to the process of disassembling the parts of the laboratory equipment and the cleaning or replacement of each component completely. This process implies that the metal elements must be polished, likewise, that the pipettes have to be lubricated.

Restoring at regular intervals will prolong the life of your laboratory equipment and increase its efficiency as well as functionality. It will also improve its appearance. Although in the laboratories the aesthetic factor has less relevance than the operation, it does not hurt to make the space, as well as the instruments look pleasing to the eye.

Do not forget about calibration services

Calibration services should be searched regularly. These preventive and detailed services will increase the accuracy of the equipment and prevent data corruption. This is of the utmost importance, since as it is well known, accuracy is necessary for scientific research and results. For this reason, you should not ignore this advice.

Clean your equipment regularly

Despite being relevant, regular cleaning is often overlooked by scientists. If the laboratory equipment is not clean as it should be, it is unlikely to yield consistent results. Cleaning the laboratory instruments thoroughly, and at regular intervals is how they will obtain one of the best alternatives to keep them in good condition with respect to functionality, they will also extend their useful life. It is suggested that daily clean surfaces exposed to chemicals and schedule a deep cleaning at least once a week.

It is necessary to point out that most instruments must be cleaned in certain ways, that is, in specific ways. Be sure to follow the correct cleaning procedures, also inform yourself about the standard cleaning procedures for each part that conforms to your laboratories.

Whenever necessary, take care of hiring good specialists

The maintenance as well as the repair of the laboratory equipment must be performed by a qualified technician or professional. While leaving the maintenance of the equipment to third parties may be expensive, it is recommended, rather than making repairs on their own without having the right knowledge. It is recommended to assist with a professional or reputable organization in the maintenance and repair of various laboratory equipment.

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