How do you prepare a radiant crib?

A radiant cradle is an electromedical equipment with wheels used to provide newborns with a comfortable thermal area that maintains their body temperature from 36 to 37 degrees.  The thermal environment of this equipment can be controlled manually or by a servocontrol mechanism.

These radiant heaters have a heating element to generate heat and provide a temperature no higher than 39 °C radiant type, which is controlled by a microcontroller in direct proportion to the difference between the patient’s temperature and the desired temperature. These equipment allow direct observation and provide medical personnel with full access to the newborn, because, unlike incubators, they have no closed room, and neither have mechanisms to regulate moisture.

Characteristics of radiant cribs

  • They’re easy-to-carry equipment.
  • The heat source is generally located at a minimum distance of 1 meter from the newborn (radiant heat). They have a servocontrol system.
  • They have a protective system at the edges of the crib to prevent accidents and falls of babies.
  • They have time control systems (time control is essential in many cases where children are in critical condition).
  • They can provide a source of oxygen and vacuum to be able to aspirate secretions, usually in the airway.

How should the radiant crib be prepared?

As a cradle with a heat source where newborns are placed for medical inspection, to contribute to the conditioning to the new environment, the material that must be in the environment of the child should be:

  • Sterile material for placement in the crib: such as sterile cloth, sterile gloves, sterile compresses, cord clip, secretion suction tube.
  • Material for exploration: neonatal phonendoscopy, flashlight, laryngoscope with suitable blades, and tape measure.

Structure of radiant cribs

Radiant cribs are heating units, which have by a heat source, a skin temperature sensor, a servocontrol unit and visual and sound alarms. It is often composed of three blocks:

  • Source of heat.
  • Control unit.
  • Platform of support.

They are usually made of 3 blocks, the first one is made of incandescent lamps, diffusers and the heat source that can be ceramic, quartz or infrared light. On the other hand, there is the control unit, both manual heater and servo controlled control and alarms. Finally, we have the platform, in which the chassis holder of Rx plates, mattress and others are displayed.

How does a radiant crib work?

A radiant cradle works by a servo control mechanism or servo, that is to say, it is self-regulating according to thermal changes. In these equipment heat transfer occurs by thermal radiation; where the heat source is separated from the heat receptor and the heat is transmitted through the air in the form of electromagnetic waves.

The operation of a radiant cradle and its structure allows easy access to the child and even directly observe. And simultaneously it provides continuous heat to keep the temperature of the newborn stable.

What do we offer you in Kalstein?

Kalstein is a company MANUFACTURER of medical equipment of the highest quality and the best technology at the best prices in the market, so you can make your purchase confidently with us, knowing that you have the service and advice of a firm and committed to innovation. In this opportunity we present our Children’s radiant heater YR02193, this equipment is the most advanced radiant heater for babies in the family of heaters that we have, it provides an enriching and vital environment. It is equipped with phototherapy units at the top and under the bed, the baby can receive better treatment.

Low pressure suction and resuscitation units are also available for this model. Among its characteristics we can mention:

  • Pre-heating, manual control and skin temperature mode.
  • Servo-controlled microprocessor-based temperature system with far infrared heater
  • The temperature deviation can be observed and corrected on the front panel for error measurement.
  • Self-test function for security reasons.
  • Upper and lower phototherapy units
  • The inclination of the bed can be adjusted.
  • The heater head can be adjusted horizontally between 0-90°.
  • Transparent folding protector.
  • Fall protection function of the skin temperature sensor to prevent overheating.
  • Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities.
  • Comfortable tray for X-ray cassettes under the children’s bed.

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