Heating and Stirring Plates- Types And Uses

It is a laboratory equipment that adapts to multiple experiments that require temperature and agitation frequently used in laboratories; the magnetic stirrer with heating is an equipment that generates a magnetic field to achieve automatic mixing of solvents and solutes; accompanied by a heating plate, quickly reaching temperatures of up to 300ยฐC.

This type of device has a variety of applications in the biological and biotechnological sciences, ideal for shaking and heating low viscosity solutions in chemistry, industrial, quality laboratories, among other application areas; they are made up of an agitation bar and a heating plate, contains a rotating magnet or several electromagnets.

General characteristics of heating and stirring plates

  • Heat and mix fluids contained in laboratory containers such as: Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes and precipitate tubes.
  • It has one or more flat surfaces on which the vessels containing the solutions to be heated or stirred, or heated and stirred are placed.
  • The plate is characterized by being made of material that allows thermal conduction such as aluminum or ceramics.
  • There are hot dishes that are exclusive to infrared type sources such as infrared light.
  • They have an electrical resistance, an on or off system, temperature control, agitation control and their respective motor.
  • A magnetic stirrer has a stirringbar, a plate under which it has a rotating magnet or electromagnets.
  • A plate of electrical resistances to provide the necessary heat to the chemical solutions that require it.

Types of KALSTEIN Agitators

  • 3D agitator.
  • Rotation Agitator.
  • Wheel Shaker.
  • Linear Agitator.
  • Multifunctional agitator.
  • Orbital agitator.
  • Oscillating Agitator.
  • Rolling agitator.

Types of Heating plates

  • Magnetic stirrer with heating plate
  • Magnetic stirrer with multi-position thermostatic heating plate
  • Magnetic knob control stirrer with stirring bar.
  • Magnetic hot plate laboratory stirrer.
  • Constant temperature digital magnetic stirrer with heating plate.
  • Industrial magnetic agitator bar with heating plate 10L with heater.
  • Mini digital laboratory heating plate agitator.
  • Thermostat water bath magnetic stirrer mixer heating plate laboratory.

Uses of Heating and Stirring Plates.

This equipment can be used together or separately, depending on the requirements of the sample, and they are normally used in chemistry and biology laboratories; usually this device serves to mix and heat substances, if they are referred to the agitator, this serves to mix liquids with each other or with powders, to produce solutions, fluid or viscous dispersions, as well as suspensions.

Now, magnetic stirrers with a heating system, makes this device an indispensable instrument in the laboratory, because much more versatile, in addition to reducing working time, since you can shake solutions and heat them at the same time; It offers as advantages to reduce the risk of contamination and is much easier to clean, it allows to use its valuable time in a better way within the laboratory.

How a Heating and Stirring Plateis

  • Place the beaker with the contents that you want to shake or heat on the plate.
  • Insert the stirring or magnetic bar into the flask with the contents.
  • Turn on the computer by pressing the corresponding button.
  • Adjust the speed starting with the lowest to gradually increase until you achieve the speed necessary for the procedure.
  • Adjust the temperature temperature, with independent controls, from +5ยฐC to 350ยฐC, depending on the work to be done.
  • Check that the liquid does not leak out of the beaker or flask during the stirring procedure.
  • Once the process is finished, place the speed control in its initial position.
  • Turn off the computer using the corresponding button.
  • Remove the stirring bar or magnetic bar from inside the container with the solution.

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