Halogen Moisture Analyser for Cosmetic Products

Halogen analyzers are laboratory equipment that determine the amounts of water in the samples of all organic matter, allowing to measure the weight while applying halogen heat when subjected to these processes. However, for cosmetics processing, the equipment allows to carry out measures that respond to safety in operations and product quality.

In this case, the halogen analyser is used, because it submits the base halogen heat tests for the manufacture of the products, complying with safety protocols and avoiding cross-contamination or mixing. The samples involved must also be weighed or measured in clean and suitable containers.Ā  The equipment has programming systems of desired temperature, time, printing systems shown in drying engine graph applied in all production tests.

Use of the Analyser in the production of Cosmetics

The drying processes of the samples with the use of the halogen analyser in the manufacture of cosmetic products, allows to directly confirm the analysis in the initial, intermediate and final stage of the mixing process of the raw material to ensure compliance with the microbiological procedures used by the moisture analyser in the laboratory.

In this way, this type of subject has an interference in the processing systems, since the chemical reactions when mixing materials and then packaging must be controlled, and the factors of hygiene and optimization of equipment has an important factor, since quality schemes are achieved to make the production. In this way, and thanks to the use of halogen analyzers, determine the drying processes necessary to ensure every stage of production.

Therefore, the quality control of cosmetics, includes the study of the raw material, packaging and finishing, through the physical-chemical, microbiological and stability analysis, which ensure consistency, smell, texture, pH, size, quantity and provide the refinement of formulas for achieving quality final products.

General Characteristics

Identifying the procedures for the preparation of cosmetics, stability tests and quality control, go hand in hand with the composition of halogen type analyzers, allows to comply with the processes of drying samples by infrared heat with very attractive characteristics such as:

  • It has a glass tube full of halogen gas
  • Provides information for your confirmation
  • Warming levels are fast and effective
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Record exceptional data
  • Comfortable size
  • Stylish
  • Subtle

Moreover, for the manufacture of cosmetic products, by using halogen analyzers, it is shown that the results are accurate with official methods, towards the orientation of the progress of the formula and the appropriate conditioned instrument. It also turns out to be one of the simplest tasks for manufacturers, as well as the demonstration of the production of the final cosmetics.

It is important to emphasize that the practices must be carried out in the same manufacturing area, where the equipment is located is a safe area, on a table without unevenness so that the drying processes are not altered and to guarantee the weighing and precision measures.

Kalstein brand Moisture Analyzers

Thanks to the massive use of cosmetics, many laboratory practices have been made, using suitable equipment and according to the elaboration of this type of product, and at Kalstein we are leading teams in the manufacture of laboratory equipment, we have the best technology; we have for you the Humidity Analyzers corresponding to the YR series, designed to meet all the demands of our customers, such as: Storage number, record of history number, heater reaches 220V Ā±15% 50HZ/110VĀ±15% 60HZ/400W. The balance of Input is 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ, and Output is 9V. As well as a 7-inch touch screen. Automatic door with transparent window. Highlight halogen lamp. Polymeric materials/heat resistant molding.

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