Differences between a manual surgical table and an automatic surgical table?

In any medical procedure, patient safety is paramount, and health care failures affect 1 in 10 patients, which is why it is important to manage and fully understand the use of surgical tables, created to be applied in hospitals and access the passage of equipment without interfering with the functions of the doctors who handle it, within the operating field. It is a movement instrument, which functions as a fundamental tool for the surgeon. Its design allows you to perform the medical functions related to mediation without the size or weight affecting the procedure.

Some of the basic features of these systems is to allow the patient to feel comfortable during the operation, and the tables have different components that allow the position and height to be graded, making them the best solutions for hospitals. And of course, one of the most used.

Differences from Surgical Tablesย 

The surgical table allows to adjust the position of the patient, offering comfort and safety, formed by an electrohydraulic base, in addition it has height regulation, regulation of the position of the head, support for arms, accommodation of lumbar plate, of individual legs or joints.

Also, there are some with more complex equipment than others, such is the automatic surgical table, which have great variations with respect to the method of operation, in which its advanced computerized system allows a manipulation of the structure through a positioning display and allows to automate the development of the apparatus. It has an integral auto-block system and consists of improving the positioning of the operating table with the controls, it allows to prevent errors caused by an oversight.ย 

On the other hand, there is the manual surgical table, which gives the medical team surgeon the space and mobility necessary for the surgical intervention. The difference will be in the methods of movements, obviously they are distinct mechanisms with differences in their handling. Being a manual structure, it does not have the electronic devices for positioning or repositioning and the movements are configured thanks to its hydraulic and pneumatic system that allow positioning each section manually.

Differential Functions of Manual and Surgical Tables

The use of surgical tables, provide comfort in patients during different surgical procedures, and allow the surgeon to have good access to the surgical field.

Automatic surgical tables have the following characteristics:

  • It has controls located at the base of the table with range of movement for the head and legs area (up/down) 180ยฐย 
  • Support for L-type anesthesia screens
  • The table has three rectangular levels on its stainless steel base
  • The battery life is up to 15 daysย 
  • Hydroelectric system,ย 
  • Mattress with high quality memory, durable and easy to clean.
    Its qualities reduce the appearance of ulcers during the intervention

With regard to manual tables, it has the following characteristics:

  • The structure of the operating table is stainless steel and has tilting ranges for head and torso.
  • Manual pneumatic system for movements.
  • Tilt from left to right is manual.
  • Mechanical Brake System.
  • Ability to adapt and configure extra functions according to clinical requirements.

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