Ultrasound Laptop 15 Inch Touch Screen YR05165

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • High-resolution 15.1 โ€ณ color LED backlight display with high contrast and wide viewing angle, touch screen is optional
  • Display mode: B, 2B, 4B, B / M, M
  • Image storage: 4G hard drive to permanently store around 5000 image frames
  • One Key Store, One Key Review, One Key Print
  • One-key transfer of current frozen image to network workstation to complete your image text report and print directly
  • The built-in battery can work about 3 hours
  • software to test General, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Vascular, Cardiac, Small Organ, MSK, Joint, etc.
  • Multilanguage function: Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese
Technical description
Model YR05165
Menu operation system, with different
according to requirement
including Spanish, English,
French, Russian and Portuguese
Body Brands total of 64 kinds of body markings indicating the position of the probe
Display Mode B, 2B, 4B, B / M, M;
Adjustable Depth 10 degree, max depth 236mm
To win 0 ๏ฝž 127dB
Contrast 27 ๏ฝž 90dB
Grayscale 256, 8-step smart TGC
Frame Rate 30 cond boxes, 8 kinds of pseudo colors
Image Storage 4G hard drive to permanently store around 5000
Marcos images no loss when power off.
Cinema Loop 256 frames;ย Puncture guide function with 2
correctable puncture guide lines (angle and position adjustable);
the gravel software package with real-time position line measurement
Normal Measure Distance, perimeter, area,
volume angle,
length and area stenosis ratio measurement.
Cardiovascular Measurement Depth, slope, heart rate, cycle
gynecology measurement and analysis:
general gynecological measurement and gynecological report
Obstetric Measurement including: 15 kinds of obstetric software,
various GA measurements,
amniotic fluid index,
fetal growth curve and OB report.
Urology Measurement and Analysis residual urine volume,
prostate volume and
urology report.
One Key Store concise and practical
One Key Transfer the current frozen image to the network workstation to
complete your image text report and print directly;
Adjustable Display Brightness Dual TV output: PAL / NTSC, you can connect a video printer when necessary;
Power supply 100-240V ๏ฝž 1.2-0.6A frequency: 50-60Hz;
Power Supply Adapter Output DC 12.8 V 3.0 A
Main Unit Weight 2.9 kg 9 without accessories)
Main Unit Dimension 380 ร— 300 ร— 65mm

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