Precision Balance YR05600 // YR05602

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein

Product Description

  • Large range and high precision/Aluminum shell
  • LED(Green) / LCD
  • Tare function/Counting
  • Overload alarm/Level indicator
  • Option: Printer
Technical Specifications
Model Capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Pan Size Stable Time
YR05600 3000g 0.01g ยฑ0.02g ยฑ0.03g 180x180mm โ‰ค3S
YR05601 4000g 0.01g ยฑ0.02g ยฑ0.03g 180x180mm โ‰ค3S
YR05602 5000g 0.01g ยฑ0.02g ยฑ0.03g 180x180mm โ‰ค3S

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg

YR05600, YR05601, YR05602


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