Infant Incubator YR02188

Manufacturer: Kalstein


  • 7-inch LCD touch screen control panel
  • Air temperature and skin temperature servo-controlled by computer
  • Various and self-check alarms
  • Free step mattress tilting adjustment;
  • Removable humidity trough, easy to clean
  • >37°C temperature setting
  • With the transfusion shelf and tray
  • Added with guardrail
  • RS-232 connector
  • With drawer and cabinet
  • Has humidity display and control function
  • Phototherapy is optional
  • Electronic lift is optional
Optional Accessories
  • Drawer
  • Cabinet
  • Electric weighing function
  • Electrical lift
Technical Specifications
Model YR02188
Electrical requirement ~220V 50Hz
Heater Power 550VA
Air mode temperature range 25.0°C-37.0°C
Skin mode temperature range 34.0°C-37.0°C
Air mode temperature alarm <38.0°C
Skin mode temperature alarm < 40.0°C(Air temperature)
Air mode high temperature range 37.1°C~39.0°C
Skin mode high temperature range 37.1°C~38.0°C
Hight temperature mode alarm < 40.0°C (Air temperature)
Air mode temperature display range 20.0°C-45.0°C
Skin mode temperature display range 25.0°C~45.0°C
Air mode alarm ±3.0°C
Skin mode alarm ±1.0°C
Skin temperature sensor accuracy ±0.3°C
Temperature control accuracy ≤0.5°C
Mattress temperature uniformity ≤0.8°C
Humidity control range 30-90%RH
Humidity display range 0-99.9%RH

Additional information

Weight 148 kg

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